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On Monday, December 4, in a packed room at Drago’s Restaurant in Metairie, Lindsey Valenti made it official that she is a candidate for Judge of the 24th JDC. 200+ people joined Lindsey that night to wish her well in her first ever run for public office. Former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand introduced Lindsey noting that her character and integrity would serve her well as judge. The former sheriff recalled selecting Lindsey to be the JPSO’s Chief Legal Counsel by stating that the decision to hire her for that significant responsibility was a “clear and obvious choice” for him. Sheriff Joe Lopinto and Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng attended the kickoff event to show their support for Lindsey. They were among a host of other elected officials and business leaders who believe Lindsey is the most qualified candidate for judge. Lindsey graciously thanked all of her supporters and was clearly heartened by the impressive turnout. Here’s a transcript of her address:


I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the showing of support here tonight. Thank you for the kind introduction and thank each of you for being here.


The last seven and a half years of my life have been among the most rewarding and satisfying. As the JPSO’s Chief Legal Counsel, I have been honored to protect the protectors. That has not been easy … in this time of unrest … when some in society wish to defund the police. But I believe in justice, and I will always fight to defend it. I come from a family of public servants where my grandfather, and my father, have both proudly served as JPSO deputies protecting us from harm. I hope to do the same with a gavel and the law.  


I believe public service is among the most honorable professions.  I am raised to serve others. My legal knowledge has been tested in many ways at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, and I am best trained to serve our parish by using the skills I have gained when managing as many as 125 cases at any given time.  


To the attorneys in this room, I can pledge this. I will work hard to move your cases quickly, fairly and judiciously.  


Again, I am so filled with pride by tonight’s impressive show of support. We have a tough race ahead, but we are ready for the challenge. We have assembled one of the best teams available to deliver our message and win this race. Your support will help make that happen.  


Thank you. Truly thank you for your help. Please tell a friend, a family member, a colleague - to join Team Valenti so that we can continue to bring strong justice to Jefferson.  


Enjoy the evening and the celebration! And let’s win this race in March!

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