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Lindsey Valenti, Candidate for Judge in Jefferson Parish, Takes Big Lead in Fundraising for March Election

METAIRIE, LA. - In the race for Judge, 24th JDC, Division D in Jefferson Parish, Lindsey Valenti finished 2023 with $142,600 more cash-on-hand than her nearest opponent.

Valenti reported campaign contributions of $260,150.00 of which $25,000.00 was a personal loan and she spent $14,786.51 leaving her with a campaign war chest of $242,863.49 heading into the 2024 campaign cycle. Jaqueline Maloney reported contributions of $152,632.43 of which almost $131,000.00 was a personal loan. Maloney spent $52,382.43 leaving her with $100,250.00 cash on hand. Jerry Smith reported contributions of $74,984.40 of which $50,000 was a personal loan, and his expenditures rose to $51,515.05 leaving him with $20,669.95 cash on hand.

In money raised from individual contributors, Valenti received $232,150.00 compared to Maloney’s $21,701.00 and Smith’s $24,984.40. Valenti’s contributions came from 189 individual contributors compared to Maloney’s 20 and Smith’s 52. Said Valenti, “I appreciate the work my campaign committee has done to help us prepare for this election. I am gratified by the strong, diverse support I have received from both our legal and business communities across our parish and area. I am pleased with our progress and will continue to work hard to earn the support of our voters.”


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